Servef renovacion darde por internet

Servef renovacion darde por internet

Autoservef labora

The people who want to maintain their inscription must carry out the renovation personally through some of the means that the SOC makes available of all the registered people:- Through Internet in the web of the SOC- Telephonically, calling to 900 800 046- Presencialmente in Office of Work with previous appointment.

To access the Document of Registration and Renewal of the Employment Application, DARDO, you can do it through the procedure “obtain documents related to the employment application” in the section “Procedures for people”.

– By telephone. By calling 900800046 of the SOC, the Office will verify the identity of the person through a series of questions and will proceed to renew the demand, communicating the next renewal date. If the SOC has a previously validated e-mail address, it will send the DARDE by this means. The opening hours are from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm.

– In person. It is possible to renew the demand in person at the Labor Office, always with a previous appointment requested at the free telephone number 900 800 046, from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Autoservef renewal

Renewing the DARDE is mandatory for job seekers. From the Servicio Valenciano de Empleo y Formación, LABORA, we offer different options to carry out the renewal. You can renew:

The DARDE is the Documento de Alta y Renovación de la Demanda de Empleo, it contains the personal data of the job seeker and it indicates the date of registration and the date on which the renewal must be made. The DARDE is the document that certifies that a person is a job seeker.

In order to access the services offered by LABORA, the DARDE is essential. Without being registered as a job seeker, it is not possible to take courses, sign up for job offers or receive guidance from the Valencian Employment and Training Service.

The renewal of the DARDE is normally every three months. It is essential to renew on the indicated date. If the user forgets to renew, he/she will be removed from LABORA and, if he/she is receiving unemployment benefits from the SEPE, the non-renewal will mean that he/she will not receive the benefit until he/she is registered again and may result in the loss of the benefit for one, three or six months.

Darde renovación

Si está percibiendo una indemnización por desempleo, deberá cumplir una serie de obligaciones entre las que se encuentra la de mantener la inscripción como demandante de empleo en la forma y fechas que determine el servicio público de empleo estatal o el servicio de empleo autonómico.

No obstante, en el caso de procedimientos reguladores de empleo de suspensión o reducción de jornada, los servicios públicos de empleo podrán adoptar fórmulas que permitan la renovación de la demanda de los trabajadores afectados, sin necesidad de estar sentados en la oficina de empleo.


The registration in the Servef is accredited through the DARDE, which is a document that contains the personal data of the job seeker, the date of registration and the next renewal, and at the bottom of it, the Autoservef code.

In order to be eligible for job offers on the Servef’s website, for training activities such as courses and employment workshops and for unemployment benefits from the Sepe, the citizen must keep his or her employment demand active, through the quarterly renewal of his or her DARDE.

It is important that the user renews his demand (DARDE) on the indicated date, otherwise his demand in the Servef automatically falls automatically low, and that can lead to a sanction of the Sepe, and entail the loss of the accumulated time of registration in the Servef, essential to be able to be beneficiary of employment workshops and employment promotion programs.

For cases in which the user has lost his DARDE, has enabled the option of forgetting Autoservef code, by which the citizen will receive on your cell phone a sms with the new operational autoservef key.

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