Renovar dni en dos hermanas

Renovar dni en dos hermanas

What is needed to renew the dni 2021

In view of the approaching Easter vacations, the National Police has reminded that just as the organization of a trip is planned in advance, booking flights, hotels, tickets to museums and a long etc., it should not be forgotten that the DNI and Passport must be in force.

Likewise, it should be remembered that for any consultation on the necessary requirements for obtaining or renewing the documentation as well as the travel authorizations for minors, they can be made at the following links: or

The new National Identity Card, which began to be issued in January 2015, has a faster chip, with more capacity and certified as a secure device for the creation of recognized electronic signature, providing it with the same legal validity as the handwritten signature.

Due to its technical capabilities, the DNI 3.0 will be able to be used as an electronic travel document. It will also allow communication with smartphones through a radio frequency antenna and via NFT (Contact Data Transmission).

Previous appointment dni

To request the renewal of the DNI you must book an appointment using any of the alternatives offered below. During the process you will have to provide information located on your current document, so it is important to have your DNI in front of you.

You can also get an appointment by phone at no cost by calling the official toll-free number 060. After listening to the welcome message, you must clearly state CITA PREVIA DNI and follow the prompts.

What if I cannot go to the issuing team? If for reasons of disability, dependency or illness, the applicant cannot go to the office to obtain the DNI, there is the possibility of requesting the displacement of a mobile team to the place where he/she resides to carry out the issuance process. In this case, a family member or other person entrusted by the applicant must provide the required documentation and the authorization form, as well as a medical report in support of the request.

Multiple appointments dni and passport

To make the renewal and first issuance of the DNI and Passport at the DNI office in Dos Hermanas, you must book an appointment online or by phone and present yourself, with the required documentation and the current amount of the fee at the following address:

You should know that the price of the fees for the issuance of the DNI is renewed annually by the General State Budget Law, so it is advisable that you inform yourself of its current price before proceeding with the procedure. If you are renewing the DNI due to expiration, advance payment, theft or loss, the price is 12.00 Euros, to be paid in cash at the same office on the day of renewal. In case it is due to a renewal due to change of data, or if the condition of large family is fulfilled, in this case it is free, so you will not have to pay anything.

Renew dni without an appointment

To avoid queues and waiting, you can make an appointment online through the Ministry’s official website. You can also make an appointment by contacting any of the offices or issuing points listed below.

If you would like to make an appointment to renew your DNI by telephone, consult the contact information at any of the centers listed below. You can also consult this telephone number from the official website of the Ministry. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you contact the center of your choice.

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